Hardware and Accessories Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a baked-on finish for metal hardware that adds color and works to prevent rust and corrosion. The coating is sprayed on, electrically bonded and then baked at 400°ree; for an even finish. It is the easiest and most cost efficient way to liven up your hardware and increase its lifespan and durability. Please note that ordering powder coating for your items can add an extra four to five days to your order wait time.

What Powder Coating Options Are Available?

Inke currently have 24 stock colors and over 100 custom powder coating colors available. 

Think pink, purple, yellow or just about any color you can imagine! We have a myriad of different-colored, even-textured coatings to choose from.


If you don't see a color above that you like, you can call our team for powder coating references to meet your needs. Don't be afraid to get creative! Build double D-ring belts with different colored d's, create gloss black hardware on your Great Dane's leash or add pink hardware on your Chihuahua's collar. Get started today on making your creations even more unique with our colored, powder coated hardware.

Please note that the powder coating colors shown on this site are depicted to the best of our ability. Due to variations in dye lots and computer monitor color settings, the colors below may differ from the actual product. 

Automatic poder coating line, including two separate cabins. All coulors coated, in any quantity. Daily capacity of 25.000 parts.