inke, is a company that specialises in the manufacturing of products for the aluminum fenestration sector.


In each of its 5 divisions, inke adopts absolute precision in design, trying to meet the actual market demands in quality and innovation requirements. Consequently, we retain not only the best facilities which adapt and adhere to the different production lines, but a specialised technical team whose vast experience has firmly positioned them as one of leaders in this sector.    



Our philosophy / 英客理念

The secret of inke Management is being consistent with OUR MISSION, VISION AND COMMON VALUES.


Our main strategy is “ TO ENSURE CLIENT LOYALTY”, meeting the demands derived from key values such as quality, service, cost, health and safety at work, shared experience and customer-focus, always within a framework of constant innovations throughout its manufacturing divisions:


Our mission  / 我们的使命

We wish to be a company based on professionals working as a team, always committed to client’s satisfaction.



With our various lines of business, we aim to be a global supplier, both for manufacturers and distributors as well as Fabricating companies.


Quality / 产品质量

Quality means client satisfaction to us 


We pass on this philosophy and way of doing things to our employees and suppliers, as we see the product quality as the result of the collaboration of all concerned.We listen to our clients, as they are the reason for the continued improvements of all our products.Quality, at inke, is not a certification but a way of performing throughout all the different aspects of the company. 


Integrated Management System Policy:  quality and the Environment   We have been certified both for the design and manufacture of all our products. We strive for excellence through the quality, design and manufacture of our products.  



The environment / 环境保护

We are completely committed to the Environment.


In the design process, we optimise the materials in order to get a simple, tough, aesthetic, functional product.


OWe optimise and review our packaging, in order to optimise the volume to be transported. This philosophy enables us to reduce transport costs and reach higher ecological and cost efficiency.


In the design of our products, we use 100% recyclable materials such as zamak, extruded aluminium, technical polymers (polyamide, polyethylene etc), aluminium for injection and stainless steel.


We think of our products' life cycle from the design phase.